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Having healthy children is every parent's dream, but sometimes due to various factors making them vulnerable to certain diseases.

Ages of one to five years of children are where they are susceptible to diseases like a cough, flu, colds, and fever. This condition makes you as a parent feel sad, especially when the child's condition does not improve.

You need to apply a quick action when you find your child exposed to a cold and cough, but you have to know the proper treatment following the condition and age of your child. For that purpose, you need to know in advance the causes of a cough in your child.

A cough in children is a natural way of the body's immune system to remove foreign objects lodged in your child's respiratory tract, such as mucus, viruses, dust, bacteria and allergens.

An infection of the upper respiratory tract resulting in a runny nose on your child, and generally in conjunction with a cough. However, there are other triggers of a cough you should know such as asthma, allergies, and a smoke inhaling.

Home Remedies for a Cough in Kids

You should not give a cough medicine to your child directly, especially if it contains an antibiotic ingredient.

The consumption of antibiotics in your kids making your kid's health may compromised because antibiotics work by killing bacteria, including the good bacteria which are needed by the body.

It resulted in your kid more susceptible to disease because of your kid's immune system weakened.

Reporting from for natural cough remedies for kids, you should apply them as quick as possible for to relief from the symptoms of a cough in your children.

  1. Turmeric

This herb is widely used for cooking ingredient, especially in different parts of Asia. However, turmeric is also known as a natural ingredient for a variety of health problems.

It is also suitable as a natural cough remedy for kids. Cut a few cloves of turmeric after washing it off first.

Finely crushed turmeric and add a small part of water, apply the turmeric on your breast before feeding. Alternatively, enter turmeric powder, into the pacifier filled with milk and let your kid drink.

  1. Lime juice and Honey

In many medical kinds of literature especially those from nature, lemon and honey are a remarkable combination to overcome the problem of a cough and cold. They are also suitable for kids with an age of one year or more.


Take 1½ tablespoons of lemon juice and add four tablespoons of pure honey, do not forget to dilute them with five tablespoons of boiled water. Stir well these three ingredients and give it to your child for drink.

Repeat three times a day with a dose of one tablespoon. Lime juice may relieve inflammation and infection cause colds and coughs.

  1. Flowers of Starfruit

Prepare a handful of starfruit flowers, one clove of onion, nutmeg, and one tablespoon of a sugar cube and ½ cup of boiled water.

Cut the onion into four pieces and crushed nutmeg. Put all the ingredients into the bowl and steamed for an hour.

Take the water by strained it, and drinks it for your child with the dose of one tablespoon for four times a day. Do not give the herb if your child is under one year of age.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a quick way to relieve breathing, including reducing the symptoms of coughs and colds. Apply the eucalyptus oil on the chest, neck and on the back of your child area in moderation.


So you have to know that a cough is a natural reaction of the body to remove foreign objects from the body that reside in the respiratory tract.

Fever accompanying a cough and cold also the body's natural mechanism to kill viruses and bacteria that enter the body. Use the medication for your kids wisely and produce no harm to them.